24/7 Uptime

Our Cardano nodes will be running optimally 24/7/365, with CDN protection and security best practice protocols. We expect maximum uptime ensuring you receive maximum ADA rewards.
Registered on blockchain

As the Cardano staking pools will be listed on Daedalus staking section you can always deligate easily with StakeMyADA.com.
Passive Income

Earn staking rewards as per your ADA staking %, ADA will be credited into your account, we don't charge fees for joing stakeMyADA.com
Offline Staking

Joining this staking pool will allow you to earn reward being offline, you will not have to keep your computer online to earn ADA.
Safe and secure

To stake with stakemyada.com you will NOT have to send any ADA to us. Hence you are in control of your assets. Do stay away with scam staking pools which will ask to send ADA to participate in staking.